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Dirty down 


The original ageing spray dye.


Trusted by industry professionals for over 20 years, Dirty Down are the distressing and weathering specialists.

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"Breakdown" set, props and costumes instantly with Dirty Down ageing spray!

Recently used by the art and costume departments on these Australian productions!

Product range 
Product Range

12 CAN CUSTOM KIT 5% Discount and free standard shipping!


Once you have placed your order please send us a message specifying the 12 colours you require. This can be in any combination.

AU$443.00 - AU$420.85

Thanks! Message sent.

"Absolutely love Dirty Down, I use it to age all of our hero bags and books, anything really. We save so much time in terms of ageing."

Sophie Durham - Property Master

"The Business! Brilliant, fast breakdown in a can! Realistic finish in a great range of colours."


Charlie O'Brien - Art Director

"Working in immersive theatre, Dirty Down is an essential part of my kit.  Its perfect for ageing furniture, walls and costumes quickly and is very easy to use. I would highly recommend this to anyone working in the art department."

Helen Turton - Production Designer




The Independent 


Take your project to the next level with a few easy to learn techniques. Dirty Down ageing spray allows to you to create a professional Block Buster finish on your indie films no matter what the budget. 

The Art Department


Whether you are a a set dresser, prop master or stand-by, having Dirty Down as part of your 'go to kit' is a must to create that perfect look when pushed for time.

The Scenic Artist

Save time, stress and mess on your next job with a range of Dirty Down ageing sprays to become more efficient whether on set or in the workshop.

The Costume Designer

Alter the tone or breakdown costumes instantly with Dirty Down easy to deliver ageing spray dyes. The diverse range of colour allows you to add depth to costumes immediately and fuss free.

The Blockbuster

Consider bulk orders of Dirty Down for your next Block Buster feature, make sure the art, costume and scenic departments are equipped to handle the job. Send inquiries to for special orders.



Dark Brown

Dark Brown


NDark Brown


Mid Brown

Ash Blonde

Surface Breakdown

If you have any inquiries about our product range please send us a message via the contact form below.

Scenic Art wall treatment created using only Dirty Down, water and sponges.

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