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Dirty Down Ageing Spray has been the weapon of industry professionals for over 30 years and now the secret is out!

Unlike readily available trade and graffiti spray paints, this unique product deposits a fine mist of semi-transparent coloured dye that makes things look old and dirty.

Dirty Down Ageing Spray is available in 9 unique colours so you can achieve that perfect dirty look instantly.

It is that simple.



Sophie Durham, Prop Master

"Absolutely love Dirty Down, I use it to age all of our hero bags and books, anything really. We save so much time in terms of ageing."

Das Patterson, Art Director

"This is a completely unique product and brilliant to use. Fastest way to  breakdown and it's in a can! So realistic and in a specific range of colours so you know what level of dirtyness you will achive."

Helen Turton, Production Designer 

"Working in immersive theatre, Dirty Down is an essential part of my kit. It's perfect for ageing furniture, walls and costumes quickly and is very easy to use. I would highly recommend this to anyone working in the art department."

Want to age a film set but don't have time?

Do you need to weather a costume but don't know how?

Have to distress props but do not have the right tools?


It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or an expert, with Dirty Down Ageing Spray and a few easy to learn techniques, you will make your sets, props and costumes look old and dirty in no time!

Now you don't need a kit with endless paints, sprays, bottles, coffee, tea, dyes, pigments, oxides and toxic thinners, to master your craft you just need Dirty Down Ageing Spray.

Dirty Down ageing spray is the no mess no fuss solution to elevate your craft like an industry professional.

Stay ahead of the game with Dirty Down Ageing Spray!